Jakarta office market 2014

Jakarta CBD market
Demand for office space in the Jakarta CBD market remained at a fairly high level of performance in line with the national economy will grow by 5.5% to 6.0% in 2014. CBD office cumulative demand is expected to grow 5.5% to the level of occupancy in the healthy category is equal to 85% to 90%.

Meanwhile, the price of the average gross rental CBD, specialized in office buildings Grade B and C, are expected to increase this year. The owner at the suggestion of the manager of the building more confidence to raise prices in line rental occupancy rates is relatively high.

The selling price of strata-title office estimated increase for 2014, but at a lower level than that in the past three years. The buyers, especially buyers with large spacious, more cautious. This is mainly due, nationally and globally interconnected economy situation will happen in 2014 is relatively stagnant. Demand for rental and transaction activity in existing office buildings continued to show positive growth in the first quarter of 2014, the expansion and relocation of existing tenants, and the existence of intense competition associated with the large supply of strata-title office will be included in the next 2 years.

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Coal prices declined until December 2013 than Increasing

This October, coal reference price (HBA) is government established by the USD 76.61 per ton. Prices dropped because it is still an oversupply. The fall in coal prices due to the global economic situation. When compared with the price in the same period last year, coal prices fell about 10.9%.

Our prediction, Coal prices declined until December 2013 than Increasing. In 2014 is expected to rise again, along with the economic recovery in the country of India and china.

China’s domestic coal prices will decline and the domestic supply of coal lands will increase, because the railway infrastructure for the distribution of Chinese coal will be realized mostly in mid-2013.

Japan’s coal imports are also expected to decline due to re-operation of the majority of nuclear power plants. Unlike the case with India and South Korea’s coal imports are expected to rise, because many Indian coal power plant will be operational in South Korea this year and that growth in electricity consumption is projected to increase.

Prospects for improvement of the ASEAN market is also expected to occur, as quite good economic growth in some countries of Indochina, thus increasing the need for coal as an energy source

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KJPP ASP Rekan concern on limiting report

Valuation reports submitted to “CLIENT KJPP ASP REKAN Valuation or Appraisal PROPERTY” and User Reports shall be in detailed written form and will be in English. All statements and reports shall be published made in triplicate 3 (three).

Without limiting the generality of the following:

The property / asset to be assessed for the purposes of this letter of offer are considered to be under the responsibility of “CLIENT KJPP ASP REKAN Valuation or Appraisal PROPERTY”.

KJPP ASP REKAN do not allow the use of the whole, in part or as a referral from the Assessment of the Report in the documents, circulars, statements, references or published in any form without written permission from KJPP ASP REKAN , which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

KJPP ASP REKAN has no financial interest in the assets being assessed and the results of the assessment.

KJPP ASP REKAN does not give opinions on the legality of a independent transaction or have an interest in the related assets.

KJPP ASP REKAN , will not check completeness / conditions to be met like whether a mortgage is binding security, and therefore if it is intended as a policy lending by the bank, then the bank (or similar institution)is obliged to check and make sure the relevant conditions are met, including the legality therein. Unless explicitly stated in the report, it cannot be assumed that we have an obligation and have checked the legality and / or liabilities for assets perceived, or that we have researched / surveyed the property and / or debt as well as the validity of the documents of assets assessed, assuming the rights to the property are clear, and is under ownership.

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