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    • Taxation purposes;
    • Valuation assets of governments and state owned enterprise;
    • Purchase and sales transaction;
    • Inventory of assets;

  • Company valuation for merger, acquisition, reversion capital, share’s issue;
  • Mortgages and securities, investments;
  • Credit application;
  • Fire insurance’s taxation;
  • Determining the current value of net assets;
  • Management purposes;
  • Valuation of company capital market-go public’s;
  • And other valuation services;

Property Management

Recommendations on:

  • Rental/sale policy;
  • Collection of rents and payment of all outgoing,
  • Maintaining rentals and accounting regularly for revenues,
  • Advice on valuation for insurance
  • Advice on insurance related to the property.


  • Supervision of maintenance contract for lifts, A/C, etc,
  • Security contract cleaning and other services,
  • Ensuring performance of tenancy agreements,
  • Preparation of annual budget for buildings,
  • Management and accounting of service charges
  • Advice on plant & machinery depreciation and “sinking fund”
  • Maximizing the return from property maintained as investment

Consulting Services

To compile feasibility studies for development of new as well as existing Industry, agriculture (fishery, pond culture, plantation, food crop, fishing, and pearl culture), forestry, transport, market study, maximize profitability and usage considering all aspects of land title, planning, finance and economy.

Consulting service also include in compiling feasibility studies, for new as well as developing business activities. Several aspects and supporting pertinent data, i.e. statistics, researches and other comparative data will be compiled from various sources and further analyzed in this study.

Supervision of Project’s Implementation

The main objective of the project supervision is to determine that the credit facilities extended by the bank is secured and appropriately utilized. In general, the customer is referring such responsibility to the credit withdrawal from the approved credit facilities agreed by the customer and the bank in respective credit terms and condition

The implementation of works includes:

  • Physical progress,
  • Stages of project completion and
  • Delivery of completed works.

The scope of activities consulting services is the consulting engineering works, such as:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction Management

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