Furniture from fancy plywood process

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Fancy Plywood Process Production, Bare core: a plank of wood products, made from pieces of wood and arranged with the same fiber direction, then each glued together and cut so that the board form a certain size.

Finger Joint: processed wood products with a variety of raw materials, other than albasia wood species can also be used as a village of wood raw material such as wood muncang, ancret, lame, African wood, mahogany, rubber and so forth. Usually this product is good, so finishing in the importing country can be directly used for a wide range of furniture and others. Finger joint size varied depending on demand.

Engineering Door: door products that use the concept of eco-friendly and efficient wood product because the door entirely, is not solid wood. This product combines wood materials with efficient materials, e.g. wood products engineering door meranti meranti uses material while the outer layer to the raw materials in a variety of uses such as albasia wood, wood village, MDF and others. Door sizes vary depending on the demand for engineering.

Veneer core: peeling results in a circle from a sheet-shaped timber with a short grain. These sheets are usually of low quality because it is used for the innermost layer of plywood products. That is why it is called veneer core, which means veneer sheets for the cores.

Plywood: plywood products consisting of multi-layered patch of wood raw material for the top and bottom sheets are meranti wood and lining it is albasia wood. Plywood size is very diverse, is used for furniture, construction materials, building barriers and others.

Fancy Plywood: advanced products from the products of plywood, overlaid plywood for some consumers no longer use wood that has a pretty good motive to become a product called fancy plywood. Wood is used for coating fancy is like Teak, Red Oak, White Oak, Mapple, Beech, Birch, Safele, Tsen, Cheery, Walnut and others. But in general the majority of consumers use more wood Teak and Red Oak. Majority of these products are used for furniture.

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