KJPP ASP Rekan concern on limiting report

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Valuation reports submitted to “CLIENT KJPP ASP REKAN Valuation or Appraisal PROPERTY” and User Reports shall be in detailed written form and will be in English. All statements and reports shall be published made in triplicate 3 (three).

Without limiting the generality of the following:

The property / asset to be assessed for the purposes of this letter of offer are considered to be under the responsibility of “CLIENT KJPP ASP REKAN Valuation or Appraisal PROPERTY”.

KJPP ASP REKAN do not allow the use of the whole, in part or as a referral from the Assessment of the Report in the documents, circulars, statements, references or published in any form without written permission from KJPP ASP REKAN , which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

KJPP ASP REKAN has no financial interest in the assets being assessed and the results of the assessment.

KJPP ASP REKAN does not give opinions on the legality of a independent transaction or have an interest in the related assets.

KJPP ASP REKAN , will not check completeness / conditions to be met like whether a mortgage is binding security, and therefore if it is intended as a policy lending by the bank, then the bank (or similar institution)is obliged to check and make sure the relevant conditions are met, including the legality therein. Unless explicitly stated in the report, it cannot be assumed that we have an obligation and have checked the legality and / or liabilities for assets perceived, or that we have researched / surveyed the property and / or debt as well as the validity of the documents of assets assessed, assuming the rights to the property are clear, and is under ownership.

Evaluation and assessment report is confidential and intended only for clients and to their professional advisors and presented solely for the purpose and in accordance with the stated purpose of the assessment report. KJPP ASP REKAN is not responsible to anyone other than the client in question. The other parties using this report are responsible for any risks incurred.

Value included in this report as well as any other value in the report that is part of the subject property is valid only in accordance with the intent and purpose of assessment. Values used in this assessment report should not be used for any purpose other than assessments that may result in errors.

KJPP ASP REKAN has considered the condition of the property in question, however, and is not obligated to examine whether the structure of the building or parts of the property are covered, not visible and cannot be reached. KJPP ASP REKAN does not provide a guarantee if there is decay, termites, other pests or damage that is not visible. KJPP ASP REKAN is not obligated to transform and perform an examination of the environment and other facilities. Unless otherwise informed, our assessment is based on the assumption that all these aspects are well catered for.

We did not conduct an investigation into the condition of the soil and other environmental amenities, for a new development. If not informed otherwise, our assessment is based on fairness, and to a development plans no improper expenditure or delay in its development.

The value reflects the true value regardless of any liability for taxes or fees related to the sale transaction. The subject property based on the assumption of free from all mortgages, disputes and premiums and other costs that has not been resolved.

KJPP ASP REKAN did not perform detailed repeated measurements of the area of the property.

Assessment is not obliged to testify or appear in court because of this report, with regard to the dispute over the property in question, without the prior written agreement of KJPP ASP REKAN , which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

All monetary values in this letter shall be in USD.

The report shall be valid once signed by the designated company director and affixed with company stamp.

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