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Indonesia has become a major market for the world airline industry. Fairly rapid passenger growth, Indonesia will be one source of revenue for companies such as Boeing and aircraft builder Airbus. On the other hand, demand for aircraft orders to Europe and the U.S.A slowdown, due to economic downturn, will no doubt take the company plane glance Asia as a new market.

Asia, including Indonesia, shall be seen as an area of potential sales growth rate of passengers given the constantly growing. According to data released by IATA, Asia Pacific in 2014 to donate 30% of the number of passengers globally. By contrast North America accounts for only 23% of passengers globally. Indonesian prospects in the field of aviation industry even more in the account. In 2014, IATA has predicted that Indonesia will reach the 9th largest market in the world for domestic travel. Meanwhile, throughout 2010 to 2014 Indonesia will be the fastest growing market in the world for the 6th international travel. Not only that, for the shipment of cargo, Indonesia also predicted will occupy the top 10 fastest-growing markets in the world in terms of international cargo shipments. With this prediction Indonesia will benefit both in terms of trade and tourism.

Indonesian aviation industry is an industry that has a competitive rivalry. Competitive rivalry is experienced not only by domestic airlines but also by international airlines. Competition with domestic airlines is increasingly prevalent of course has an impact on the achievement of the company’s operations. Moreover, nowadays more and more Indonesian airlines that offer low cost tickets at low prices in order to capture market share in economy class society. In addition the company also experienced intense competition with international airlines service flights to develop connections to Indonesia. This further increases the level of competition among airlines in Indonesia.

There are several reasons why the aircraft needs to be value: aircraft owners who may need to know the value of the vehicle to get an accurate insurance quote, buyers may need an appraisal to make sure it will do the transaction at a fair price, or sellers who may want to make sure it offers a reasonable price. Plane improper assessment by the party not qualified to make an assessment, or by those who have a vested interest in determining the value of the object plane, will bring problems in the future. Not limited to the purposes of whether to lease, buy, sell, or as a guarantee of repayment of the debt, or insurance. Appraisers or valuers have a great interest in ensuring that the value assigned to the aircraft is an accurate value

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